Tooth Desensitization


Have you tried over-the-counter products to help combat tooth sensitivity but discovered that they aren’t working as promised, and the discomfort of sensitive teeth continues to affect you or your child’s enjoyment when eating or drinking hot or cold foods? If so, it might be time to let our dentists at Smile Palace provide professional-level tooth desensitization near you!

Main Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Although the causes of tooth sensitivity are varied and will require a diagnosis from our dentists in Kansas City, MO to confirm the exact cause of the discomfort, the most common reasons often involve decay, fractures, early signs of gum disease, over-use or improper use of teeth whitening products, a build-up of plaque at the gum line, or an abundance of eating foods or drinking beverages that have high acidity.

When you visit our dentists near you for tooth desensitization, you’ll receive expert diagnostics to help determine what is causing the discomfort, as well as advanced treatment from technology, products, and materials that are only available from dental professionals like the team at Smile Palace. Some examples include fluoride treatments, dental bonding, or a root canal.

Whichever treatment protocol is recommended to treat sensitive teeth, you have our assurance that our dentists will be focused on not only providing long-lasting results but top-tier gentle dentistry as well.

Call Us Today for a Pain-Free Smile

If you’ve been searching for a dentist near you who can provide complete dental care for your child, including tooth desensitization or any of the other multi-specialty dental care we provide, you can stop your search!

Our dental care team at Smile Palace has the experience, skill, compassion, and gentle touch that’s needed to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and safe during their procedure because we know that creating a positive experience will, in turn, benefit your child by increasing their desire to practice good oral health care at home.

Make an appointment today using our convenient online booking tool to learn more about tooth desensitization near you or call us to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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