TMJ Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatments in Kansas City, MO

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, while TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder.

The temporomandibular joint may malfunction due to injury, arthritis, trauma, or other muscular issues. If this happens, it can lead to several problems.

Smile Palace explains the challenges associated with TMJ/TMD and describes different treatments for relieving the condition.

TMJ/TMD Pain, Discomfort and Problems

It requires dental expertise and experience to pinpoint the exact cause of temporomandibular joint problems. But they generally result in three types of problems:

  • Muscular dysfunction in the jaw (misalignment of the disc and so on)
  • Facial pain that may occur at times or persist during the day and night
  • Problems with jaw movement

Patients who have temporomandibular disorders may find it difficult to open and close their mouths comfortably. They may also experience pain while chewing, speaking, or yawning. If not treated on time, temporomandibular problems may interfere with your routine and leave you feeling drained.

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Why It’s Important to Diagnose the Cause

An accurate TMJ/TMD diagnosis is essential to determine the right course of treatment. For example, if your temporomandibular joint hurts due to a muscle problem, surgical intervention will not help.

We suggest starting with conservative treatments first. Patients should consume soft foods, apply ice packs, perform simple jaw exercises, and massage the area for pain relief.

TMJ/TMD Treatments at Smile Palace

If the jaw or facial pain does not improve even after trying conservative treatments, our dentists near you may recommend one of the following:

TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation): We will use low-intensity electric currents to relax the muscles in the jaw and face.

Ultrasound treatment may be used in conjunction with physical therapy if the jaw is immovable or locked into position.

Trigger-Point Injections: Our highly skilled dentists will use trigger-point injections at specific points to insert pain medications in the jaw. We may recommend doing simple exercises as the medication takes effect.

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