Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Kansas City, MO

Are you interested in teeth whitening near you at a dentist in Kansas City, MO? At Smile Palace, we have years of experience at performing teeth whitening in Kansas City, MO effectively and without any side effects. It’s a perfectly normal thing to want whiter teeth.

At Smile Palace in Kansas City, MO, we know the value of a bright and symmetric smile. It can give us the confidence to take on new challenges and face the world. A dark smile can make us self-conscious and worried. Whether you need a bright smile for no specific reason, or you have an important event coming up next week, we’ll take care of you.

What Causes Darker Teeth?

The things we eat and drink every day can stain our teeth. Cigarettes are major contributors to dark teeth because they contain nicotine and tar. Other common drinks that stain our teeth are coffee, sodas, and red wine because they contain chromogens. While these are hard to live without, it’s important to consume them in moderation and to brush our teeth.

Over the years, chromogens will accumulate and make your teeth darker. Fortunately, these stains are usually removable.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening relies on the use of bleaching gels to remove stains and chromogens from teeth. When you visit a dentist near you, you should have two options. The first option is to whiten your teeth over several visits. The second option is to whiten your teeth in one long visit if you have a wedding or an important event coming up soon.

At Smile Palace, we provide both options to our patients. Additionally, we can start whitening your teeth in-office and show you how to get more results at home. Patients need to understand, however, that teeth whitening won’t lead to the same results in everyone. The darker the teeth, the more difficult it will be to whiten them.

Patients who respond very well to teeth whitening are not immune to dark teeth. Try to minimize your consumption of the things we mentioned earlier and regularly brush your teeth to keep them bright.

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