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When searching for a dentist who can perform oral surgery for you or your child, our dentists at Smile Palace have the experience, skill, compassion, and gentle touch that’s needed to ensure that your child feels safe and secure during their procedure. We know that creating positive experiences at the dentist will help your child build confidence in their oral health for the rest of their life, and our dentists near you are committed to ensuring that positive experience.

Most Common Reasons for Oral Surgery Near You

Just as every child’s smile is unique and different, every child will present with a unique need in their requirement of oral surgery. Tooth extraction can be done to resolve over-crowding as well as expose an unerupted, impacted tooth to allow for the unimpeded eruption. This type of oral surgery can save time and expense as your child matures with a smile that is less likely to require orthodontic treatment.

Another common oral surgery procedure for children is a frenectomy to remove connective tissue membranes of the tongue or lip area that are attached and negatively impacting their speech, eating, swallowing, breathing, and more. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes but can have a profound impact on those areas mentioned as well as allergies, ADHD, snoring loud breathing, and other conditions that our dentists in Kansas City, MO, can treat with oral surgery.

And of course, oral surgery may also be necessary when your child experiences some type of impact injury or impact trauma to their mouth or jaw. Even if you think your child has emerged from their incident without obvious injury, we recommend a visit to our dentists to ensure that there truly is nothing to be concerned about that might surface in future years as your child continues to mature.

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