Your dentist may suggest tooth extractions for several reasons. The tooth in question may be severely damaged, broken, or impacted. Some patients have an overcrowded dentition, and it may be necessary to extract a tooth to leave room for other teeth to develop.

Regular oral exams and cleanings at a dentist near you can help keep your teeth in good condition and prevent minor problems from becoming painful.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

One of the most common reasons to get an extraction is when a wisdom tooth gets impacted. An ‘impacted wisdom tooth’ means the wisdom tooth (which grows in the rear area of the oral cavity) has not entirely erupted from the gums.

Our experienced dentists in Kansas City, MO, may recommend extracting the wisdom tooth to treat a current problem and prevent future issues from occurring. Some problems that can be caused by an impacted wisdom tooth are described below:

  • The patient’s jaw may not be large enough to accommodate the wisdom tooth, and it may exert extra pressure on adjacent teeth.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth may break inside the gum tissue, causing a small flap of gum to grow over it. Foods and bacteria tend to get trapped in the flap, and this may lead to decay and severe pain.
  • Impacted teeth can cause cysts, infection, and damage to other teeth and affect your bite.
  • The wisdom tooth may grow at an awkward angle and cause pain and discomfort.

Tooth extractions in Kansas City, MO, can be described as a preventive as well as a restorative dental care option.

What to Expect during Extractions Near You

Tooth extraction is a routine, standard procedure that helps treat a wide range of dental problems. The complexity or simplicity of the process depends on the tooth’s location and the type of tooth roots.

Even baby teeth may require extraction if it is decayed beyond repair or impacted under the gums, as this may prevent adult teeth from growing normally. We strongly suggest that you schedule an appointment at Smile Palace for a detailed assessment of the condition.

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