Dental Sealants

Dental Sealant in Kansas City, MO

Are you interested in finding dental sealants in Kansas City, MO? At Smile Palace, we have dentists near you who can help you with your needs. Dental sealant is a great way to prevent cavities and other damage while prolonging the life and health of your teeth.

What Is It?

Dental sealants are simply liquid coatings that quickly harden over the teeth. This serves to protect the teeth from tooth decay, cavities, and other potential issues. A thin layer is applied, covering the chewing surfaces in the mouth.

This treatment is very quick and completely painless. Dental sealants are an effective and safe way to prevent further degradation of teeth that are already decayed or have cavities. How is this possible?

The sealant acts as a barrier between the teeth, preventing harmful bacteria from causing more damage. The tiny grooves in teeth where build-up often occurs are effectively covered, reducing the risk of cavities and other trouble.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

The great thing about dental sealants is that they are a great fit for just about anyone. It is mostly children who currently get sealants, but that doesn’t mean that is who they are meant for. Many adults have had sealants and benefited greatly from them.

In children, sealants help to protect new teeth and keep them healthy and protected. Since children can often miss debris while brushing, parents opt for sealants to block this debris and potential build-up.

If you’re looking for dental sealants near you, please give us a call. We would love to set up a consultation with you to discuss your options.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Dental sealants can take as little as 5 minutes to apply. Depending on how many teeth you’re having sealed, however, you may be looking at as much as 45 minutes. Once applied, you can look forward to as much as ten years of use!

If you need a dentist in Kansas City, MO who can help you with dental sealants, feel free to call Smile Palace today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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