Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Kansas City, MO 

As a leading children’s dentist near you, the team at Smile Palace has the experience, skill, and gentle touch that’s needed to ensure that the health and beauty of your child’s smile receive the expert care it deserves.

Our dentists will recommend a dental crown to help your child’s smile develop in the following ways:

  • To save a tooth that is too damaged from decay that it cannot support a traditional dental filling
  • To protect a tooth in children who are at high-risk for dental decay
  • To treat a root canal
  • To build a dental bridge

How a Dental Crown Can Save Your Child’s Smile

Are you wondering why a primary tooth that’s badly decayed isn’t just extracted instead of receiving a restorative treatment? The answer is a simple one. When a tooth is extracted and not replaced, the temporary gap will affect the alignment of your child’s surrounding teeth. And when this happens, it can lead to additional procedures being needed in later years, such as aligners or braces.

Types of Dental Crowns Near You

Smile Palace offers a range of materials that can be used based on appearance, cost, and durability. Examples include alloy dental crowns, ceramic dental crowns, porcelain fused to metal dental crowns, and stainless-steel crowns.

Many parents choose stainless steel crowns for their children since the material is strong, and the procedure can be completed in one visit. However, if your child needs a crown on a front tooth, ceramic materials can easily be matched to the color of their surrounding teeth.

Protect Your Investment

When you visit us for your children’s dental crown consultation, we invite you to also ask us about sports guards and mouth guards that can be used to protect the investment you’ve made in your child’s dental work from impact injuries.

Learn More Today

Make an appointment today to learn more about children’s dental crowns and our team’s commitment to preventive, gentle dentistry. We guarantee one-on-one individualized care for your child to help them move one step closer to the beautiful adult smile you envision for them. Call us now to get started.

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