Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Kansas City, MO

We offer a cheerful and supportive environment for children’s dental care. Our caring dental staff makes sure every child feels valued and grows up with a smile that they love.

Children’s Dentistry Services at Smile Palace

Our personalized range of treatments include exams, cleanings, preventive care, and general dentistry. We also treat bruxism, cavities, tongue-ties, and offer Invisalign®️ for children and teens.

Our dental staff specializes in providing pain-free and effective preventive and restorative treatments for children of all ages. Please contact our dentists near you for family dental care treatments for children and adults. We are delighted to meet your little one and take care of his or her dental care needs.

Children’s Dental Treatments

We offer professional children’s dentistry in Kansas City, MO, and our range of treatments includes:

Cavity Treatment

Children are susceptible to tooth decay as they are unable to brush in hard-to-access locations in the oral cavity. During a cheerful dental exam, our dentists will evaluate your child’s teeth for signs of decay or cavity-formation. Early treatment is often the key to a complete cure.

Children’s Orthodontic Care

We strongly recommend that parents should start bringing in their children for dental visits from an early age. Dental decay is a progressive disease and can damage tooth enamel and soft gum tissue. It’s a good idea to get bite problems identified or treat overcrowded teeth at an early stage.

Misaligned teeth can interfere with the eruption and healthy development of new teeth. Early evaluation of problems may prevent the need for extensive orthodontic treatment at a later stage.

Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment involves applying a safe and pleasant-tasting fluoride varnish, which is then hardened with the help of a special curing light. The painless procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and does not require any sedation or numbing gel. Our dentists in Kansas City, MO, suggest that your child can get fluoride treatments 2-4 times a year.

Our dental team works closely with children and parents to ensure positive patient experiences at Smile Palace. Contact our dentists today for reliable children’s dentistry near you.

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