What Parents Should Know About Emergency Children Dentistry

What Parents Should Know About Emergency Children Dentistry

Dec 01, 2020

Active children are fun, playful, and like to run around. This also means that they fall and hurt themselves at times. A typical result is mouth injuries, causing extreme pain and severe dental problems like bleeding and broken teeth.

Sometimes, when you have basic dental knowledge, you can effectively solve the issue before seeing a dentist the next day. However, other problems cannot be relieved at home and require a specialist to handle them professionally to ease the predicament child.

This is where emergency 24-hour dentists come in.

Do you have questions you may have asked yourself concerning pediatric dentists and don’t have answers? If yes, this article is for you.

How to Diagnose a Child Dental Emergency

There is no friendly injury; however, some of them require special and immediate attention. In the event of trauma, follow these steps to tell if it’s an emergency for your kid.

  • Check for bleeding
  • Is there severe pain?
  • Is there a broken tooth?
  • Are there swellings and abscesses?
  • Has a dental crown, filling, or braces been broken or lost?
  • Are there wounds?

In any of the above, follow these first aid steps.

  • Apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Use gauze or teabag.
  • Clean the wound
  • Assess the severity
  • Pick a dislodged tooth by the crown and preserve it in a milk glass container or saline water.
  • Take the child to an emergency pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Here are ordinary questions most parents have concerning pediatric dentistry:

Where do I find emergency pediatric dentists?

When you notice your child has a dental emergency, it’s essential to see an emergency dentist soonest possible. Urgent treatment is crucial because a mild dental injury can lead to severe complications likely to cost you more in other dental procedures if postponed.

Our Smile Palace children’s dentists understand the anxiety children have when visiting a dental office. Therefore, they create a working environment that makes children comfortable and calm throughout the process. Reach our 24-hour emergency children’s dental office to schedule an appointment.

What Services do Children’s Emergency Dentists Offer?

Generally, any services that help relieve an injured child from pain will be offered at an emergency dental office. They also help repair the structural tooth damage while addressing other possibly lethal issues. We also provide restoration solutions if needed. Call our dental office for any of the following services.

  • Oral pain treatments, i.e., toothaches and pressure
  • Emergency tooth removal
  • Emergency repair of partially knocked-out teeth
  • Wisdom tooth discomfort management
  • Repairing missing crowns and tooth fillings
  • Discomforts caused by braces and wires
  • Treating various dental infections

When Do I Call for Emergency Children Care?

If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to seek emergency pediatric dental care.

Broken/Fractured Tooth

It’s quite common for children to fracture their teeth while playing sports and other activities. If it happens, gather the pieces of your child’s broken teeth and use dental wax to cover the broken edges.

Avulsed Tooth

Evaluation for a knocked-out tooth should be as immediate as possible. You can try replacing the tooth for older children after rinsing it with warm water. Please don’t do it for young children. They may swallow the tooth, which can be dangerous. Call our dental office for further guidance.

Severe Toothache

It’s time to consult a dentist if your child reports a severe toothache. Ask your child if they have any feelings of pressure and pain in the ears as well. Contact our emergency room for specific directions on how to alleviate the problem.

Tooth Sensitivity

Children, just like adults, experience tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity in toddlers and young children is mainly on their underdeveloped “baby teeth.” In adults and older children, it’s usually due to injury and cavities. Any feelings of sensitivity should be evaluated by a dentist.


Both baby and developed teeth can be affected by cavities. Fortunately, cavities in children can be successfully treated by an emergency dentist. Have a dentist examine your child for dental carries in case of pain and tooth sensitivity.

Dental Abscess

Abscesses are extremely painful as they form inside a tooth root. Symptoms include swollen gums, bad taste, or fever. Immediately call for emergency dental services from our office if you suspect a dental abscess.