How To Strengthen Your Teeth With Fluoride Treatment.

How To Strengthen Your Teeth With Fluoride Treatment.

Oct 01, 2021

To have healthy and strong teeth, there are dental treatments and guidelines that you need to get from your dentist. You don’t need to wait for an emergency before you visit the dentist. You can always visit a qualified dentist near you for consultations and preventive dental care. This means that you can get dental treatments that prevent you from having higher chances of getting affected by a dental problem in the future. One of the preventive dental procedures is a fluoride treatment.

Fluoride treatment is a dental procedure that includes treating the enamel (the outer part of the teeth’ surface) with fluoride to keep the teeth safe from carries and decay. Fluoride treatment can also be called water fluoridation. After fluoride has been applied to the teeth, it makes the teeth resilient against infections that could affect the inner tissues inside the teeth thereby causing severe toothache or tooth loss. It also protects the gums and other areas of the dental structure. They also help you rebuild your teeth.

Fluoride can be found naturally in food, water, and even plants. Also, there is fluoride inside the mouthwash and toothpaste that we get from the supermarkets or over-the-counter. Some people might also feel that since fluoride-filled medications aren’t hard to find, they can always do it themselves. Well, it might interest you to also know that getting a fluoride treatment from a dentist is safe and more effective.

Are Fluoride Treatments For Adults Alone?

No, fluoride treatment is not only for adults. Parents are advised to start protecting their children’s dental structure by taking them to see the dentist at an early stage. This is because children often get new sets of teeth as they grow especially when their baby teeth fall out and then the permanent teeth begin to erupt. Early fluoride treatment would make maintain the strength of the teeth and keep them stronger against decays and cavities.

Note that children who are under the age of 1 – 2 years are not allowed to use fluoride-filled toothpaste and mouthwash. Even when they start to make use of toothpaste that contains little amount of fluoride, parents should supervise their children when they are brushing to prevent them from swallowing some of the fluorides. Excessive intake of fluorides can be dangerous to your dental health and overall health as well.

Dentists who often perform fluoride treatment in children, usually make use of a very little amount of fluoride to prevent their teeth from getting damaged by excessive use of fluoride and also to keep their general health safe. This is the more reason why you should take your child to see a qualified dentist for fluoride treatment. You can see a dentist at 64114 to perform fluoride treatment on your child and for you too as well.

Parents are not exempted from getting a fluoride treatment too. Most adults think that they have started using their teeth long enough for them to start preventing dental mishaps. According to Dr. Dishani Shah, “Starting a preventive dental treatment at later in life doesn’t cause you any harm. Preventive dental treatments like fluoride can be very useful for both children and adults.”

How Do Dentists Perform Fluoride Treatments?

For you to get a fluoride treatment, you have to book a dental appointment with the dentist. You are probably wondering if such appointments would be a waste of time. Well, that is not true because you can always get fluoride treatment around you. Also, booking an appointment with a dentist in Kansas City is swift and safe. You would get the best and effective fluoride treatments that you require from our dentists in Kansas City.

Before your fluoride treatment begins, the dentist would examine your teeth and make sure that you don’t have dental or general health issues that would complicate the use of fluoride treatment on your teeth. They would confirm your eligibility by asking you about your medical records to ensure that you experience a safe procedure. Fluoride treatment doesn’t take more than an hour to get completed. Fluoride medications are either made in form of wax, gel, or foam. Once the dentist has successfully applied the fluoride wax or gel on your teeth, you would be asked to stay away from foods and drinks for 30 minutes so that the fluoride gel or wax can get soaked inside the teeth completely.

Fluoride Treatments Side Effects

There are no intense side effects associated with fluoride treatment. However, some complications might suffice after the use of fluoride. The side effects of fluoride treatment are mostly found in children who were exposed to excessive use of fluoride on their teeth during teeth growth. This can lead to dental fluorosis which could cause a white stain on the enamel. You can see an emergency dentist in Kansas City if this occurs after a fluoride treatment.

Also, too much intake of fluoride in foods and water over time can cause damages to the bones. This is called skeletal fluorosis. There are also other side effects of excessive absorption of fluoride into the body system like fatigue, inflammation, diarrhea, and in worse cases death. Although these are rare, one has to be careful with the quantity of fluoride that they absorb into their body system.