How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy and Happy

How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy and Happy

Apr 01, 2022

Our oral health care is important, and we cannot deny that. But, what can also never be denied is that our teeth need to be kept healthy at all times. It is easy to tend to our teeth. You can brush, floss, avoid sugary food, go to the dentist for regular check-ups- it is easy. But, what can be difficult is keeping your kid’s teeth healthy.

Whether it could be fear of seeing the dentist or brushing time, it isn’t easy to provide your child with good oral health. It is difficult but not impossible. To help you find some advice on how you can keep your child’s teeth as healthy as possible, make sure to read on.

Daily Life to Avoid

Bacteria in your mouth love when you take sugary products because they will feast on whatever is left after eating. In doing so, it produces a weak acid which leads to cavities. There are different treats that your child can take, but for a healthy and happy oral health life, your dentist near you can advise you to avoid the following:

  1. Sticky, Gummy, and Chewy Candy

Sticky, gummy, and chewy candies damage your child’s teeth because of how sticky they can be. In addition, small particles of candy get stuck in the grooves of your child’s teeth, making it not easy for saliva to wash them away. Examples of these types of treats include Swedish fish, gummy bears, worms, caramel, or saltwater taffy.

  1. Sour Candies

Sour candies have a higher acid level than other candies, which is bad for your child’s teeth. In addition, this acid contributes to the erosion of your child’s protective tooth’s enamel, which leads to tooth decay. Examples of sour candies include sweet tarts, pixie stix, sour patch kid, and many more.

  1. Hard Candies

While hard candies may seem harmless, constant exposure to sugar can harm your teeth. Since kids have to suck on hard candies to dissolve them, the more time their teeth are exposed to sugars. Hard candies can increase the risk of breaking or chipping your teeth. Examples of hard candies include lifesavers, lollipops, lemon heads, runts, jolly ranchers

Better Choices for Daily Life

There are better choices that your child can opt for to improve their oral health. These includes:

  1. Sugar-Free Candies

While still, it may not be the best thing for your kid’s teeth, sugar-free candies are better than the ones with sugar. This is because it has less acid and less sugar than other types of candy, and some promote saliva production. Saliva has various benefits, including dissolving food particles, lowering your mouth’s pH balance, and neutralizing acid.

  1. Sugar-Free Gum

Sugar-free gum keeps your child’s mouth healthy and free from bacteria causing decay. There is no sugar which may promote acid production, and the chewing motion helps to dislodge food debris that could be stuck between teeth. Sugar-free gum also promotes production.

Most sugar-free gums and candies have xylitol, a natural sweeter derived from parts of fibrous plants. This does not break down like sugar and helps maintain a neutral pH level in your child’s mouth.

The xylitol protects teeth from decay by preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth. Because the bacteria that cause cavities cannot digest xylitol, its growth is greatly reduced.

  1. Brush and Floss Right After Eating Treats

Your dentist in Kansas City will urge you to ensure that your child brushes their teeth at least twice a day. In addition, you could be a role model to your child by brushing and flossing as children will tend to follow what the adults do.

You could use tools to make brushing fun, from catchy songs to videos about why your child needs to brush their teeth. Also, use multicolored toothbrushes and flavored toothpaste.

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