Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening

Jul 01, 2022

You might not be happy with your smile like many others. However, are you aware there are multiple dentists near you providing cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile?

If you desire healthy-looking bright teeth, you must consider a standard and inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure by requesting teeth whitening in Kansas City. The quick process delivers safe and effective results that allow you to display brighter and whiter teeth in one appointment with the dental professional.

Are you in the dark about teeth whitening? Let us give you information about this excellent treatment, its benefits, and what the procedure entails if you decide to have your teeth whitened at the dental clinic in Kansas City. Please continue reading for a comprehensive overview of the teeth whitening procedure.

Professional Teeth Whitening Defined

The market for teeth whitening has expanded significantly with products available over-the-counter, non-dental professionals offering the treatments, and dentists providing genuine professional teeth whitening. If you want to remove surface stains on your teeth and wait for the results indefinitely, you can choose over-the-counter whitening toothpaste helpful for your situation.

Unfortunately, if you cannot wait and need instant results, you have two options before you. The first is to visit cosmetic dentistry in Kansas City and request professional teeth whitening, which they provide in one appointment by bleaching your teeth.

The second option is to select a non-dental professional for the therapy with the knowledge that the ADA does not consider the treatment authentic. These treatments are offered by professionals with no knowledge of dental anatomy. They will likely send you to the emergency dentist Kansas City seeking treatments for teeth damaged by misusing the bleaching ingredient. Therefore you can either stay at home with teeth whitening toothpaste or consider teeth whitening from a qualified dentist providing it in Kansas.

What Does Professional Teeth Whitening Entail?

Professional teeth whitening is a comfortable and painless procedure to brighten your teeth by several shades in one appointment at the dentist’s office. The therapy requires approximately 90 minutes to improve the existing color of your teeth by three to eight shades.

When you visit the dentist in 64114, you can expect an examination of your teeth, looking for signs of decay and gum infections that make you ineligible for teeth whitening. Fortunately, if you do not have conditions, the dentist gives you a dental cleaning for plaque and tartar removal to make your teeth appear brighter.

Dentists don’t whiten your teeth but bleach them with concentrated hydrogen peroxide accompanied by heat and light to accelerate the therapy. The dentist comprehensively protects the soft tissues of your mouth to ensure you don’t experience any sensitivity from the treatment.

You receive four applications of hydrogen peroxide over your teeth during the hour after every 15 minutes. Suctioning off the existing application on your teeth allows the dentist to reapply the ingredient. Heat and light help accelerate the therapy, and at the end of the hour, you flush your mouth and accept fluoride therapy to battle against cavities for several months. After that, the dentist examines your teeth shade to confirm the changes and let you have brighter teeth as desired.

You must endure all the above and sit with your mouth on the dentist’s chair for the duration of the treatment. After that, you can leave the dentist’s office flashing your smile to everyone around you without concerns about displaying dull and dingy teeth. However, except for minor jaw discomfort, you will likely not experience other complications to require help from emergency dentists.

Why Should You Consider Professional Whitening?

You should consider professional whitening from Dr. Navkiran Warya to rid of your stained and dingy teeth that might be perfectly healthy but make people perceive that you aren’t. The five reasons why you must consider professional teeth whitening include:

  • Professional teeth whitening from a qualified dentist helps you appear in good health by giving your teeth a brighter appearance.
  • You appear successful when a bright smile energizes you, and the energy becomes evident to people around you. You put yourself in standing of advantage to likely receive a promotion you desire because of the whitening therapy.
  • Your self-confidence gets a boost when you look good and feel good about yourself.
  • Whiter and brighter teeth do not just complement your smile because they also encourage you to care for your teeth better by avoiding staining foods and beverages, et cetera.
  • You may discover that people are gravitating toward you in social situations because your whiter smile makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Now that you know professional teeth whitening is the remedy that provides you with brighter and whiter teeth, wouldn’t you like to benefit from this procedure by scheduling an appointment with Smile Palace — Kansas City today to receive the treatment and smile back home from the practice? We are confident you are reaching out for your cell phone to make that call right now.