Emergency Dentist: All You Need to Know

Emergency Dentist: All You Need to Know

May 05, 2022

At times, we are involved in accidents that cause our teeth to fracture or break, and this causes immense pain. In addition, you may realize you have an unusual swelling around your gums that is too painful. What do you do? The good thing is that there is emergency dental care in Kansas City where the dentist can look at your teeth and fix the issue.

We will take you through all you need to know about an emergency dentist and what to expect when you visit the emergency dentist.

When to See an Emergency Dentist?

There are so many kinds of dental problems, making it hard to determine which is an emergency. There are scenarios where waiting for the next day for the dentist to open their dental clinic means losing your tooth. Here are some common dental emergencies.

An accident can lead to a tooth fracture. What makes this an emergency is whereby you experience immense pain in your tooth. Visiting the dentist in Brookside is vital to relieve the pain and save your tooth. If your tooth was knocked out during an accident, you should place the tooth in a cup of milk until you visit the Smile Palace in Kansas City.

Experiencing unexplained toothache is another dental emergency. This is where the pain in your tooth does not go away even after taking over-the-counter pain relievers. It is imperative to visit the dentist 64114 as the persistent toothache can be a sign of infection gum disease.

Bleeding gums is not a cause for calling your emergency dentist. This is because if your dentist has diagnosed you with gum disease or you flossed your gums, some bleeding occurs. What makes bleeding gums a dental emergency is whereby the bleeding is accompanied by extreme pain and continuous swelling. Therefore, you should visit your emergency dentist right away.

Before Seeing an Emergency Dentist

It is important to plan before visiting your emergency dentist. This will make the visit to your emergency dentist easier and better.

First, if you have mouth trauma, you will experience bleeding. Using salt water to rinse your mouth is crucial as it will help kill the bacteria in your mouth. In addition, steering away from hot or cold beverages will also prevent irritating the affected area.

Controlling the bleeding after dental trauma is also important. Use gauze and apply pressure on the bleeding point until you arrive at your emergency dentist’s office.

Before you reach the emergency dentist’s office, calling ahead is crucial. This will help the emergency dentist prepare in advance and help relieve pain by giving you instructions.

Seeing an Emergency Dentist with Insurance

Understanding what you will be expected to pay is important when a dental emergency arises. There are three types of dental insurance plans. First, a preferred provider organization (PPO) gives you the option of visiting the dentist in and out of your provider’s network.

Another insurance plan is the dental health maintenance organization (DHMO). This plan requires you to visit an emergency dentist that your provider has approved.

The third plan is the discount dental plan. This is a pre-negotiated rate you can expect to pay by getting emergency care services from a selected group of emergency dentists.

Seeing an Emergency Dentist Without Insurance

You can still see an emergency dentist if you lack dental insurance. There are options to receive emergency service at a reduced cost. In addition, there are dental schools where dental students can treat your dental issue under the supervision of a dentist.

In addition, there are flexible payment plans that will help you receive emergency care without paying the full amount.

There are government dental clinics that offer low-cost emergency services.

Finding an Emergency Dentist Near You

When faced with a dental emergency, it becomes difficult to look for an emergency dentist on short notice.

You can book an emergency dentist online, where you search for one online.

Moreover, having an online consultation is also an option where the dentist can prescribe some antibiotics and painkillers.

Calling your local dentist in Kansas City is the last course of action when you are faced with a dental emergency.

Looking for an emergency dentist is important when you are faced with a dental issue that has been persisting for some time. The emergency dentist will relieve your pain and can also save your tooth.